Monday, December 14, 2009

Can Social-light Become Socialite?

When it comes to the social scene in NYC, I've stayed under the radar; the work/play balance leans heavily toward sitting with my laptop. In an effort to up my game, I'm devoting at least one night a week to exploring New York after dark.

Don't let "Gossip Girl" fool you, kids. There's much more of this apple to bite than just the Upper East Side. And as I found out, even their cast & crew enjoys a good romp on Fringe Salon's Lower East Side neighborhood.

One Friday night started with dinner at Jane Restaurant with indie singer-songwriter Tony Lucca and our good friend Scotty. After the last bite of my ahi tuna was officially no more, we headed to Sullivan Hall for music by New York's own Matt Lowell, Nashville resident Josh Hoge, and my aforementioned friend (and former PR client), L.A.'s Tony Lucca. Amazing performances by all followed by the obligatory late-night NY tradition of stopping for a slice afterward.

Near 1am, I met up with girlfriends at their favorite Lower East Side bar, The Sixth Ward. After finding them near the pool table, I also spotted another familiar face: Chace Crawford of "Gossip Girl" was (gasp) quite a few zip codes below the fictional Nate Archibald's UES stomping ground. By the time the 8-ball hit a corner pocket, I could say with 100% certainty: yes; he really is that pretty in person.

At 3am, I made a stop at my personal favorite LES Sweet Tooth Fairy, Sugar (and really, the only one open at 3am) for a red velvet cupcake before hopping into a taxi back to Brooklyn. This Chicago native turned New Yorker may not be ready for socialite status, but social-medium is definitely on the horizon.



  1. I like it. As a proverbial homebody myself, I should adopt a similar plan to yours and try to devote a night each week to exploring the nightlife of the city in which I live, Charlotte, NC. I've lived here for almost 4 years now, and yet, I still couldn't tell you where the hot spots are. I don't anticipate having any celebrity sightings here in NC, but I got enough of those when I lived in Boston, surprisingly enough. Then again, you never know just who you might run into.

  2. thanks for the shout out! great piece


  3. I'm in for taking up the social-medium status with you! ;)