Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keratin Treatment

It's almost that time we're going to hit humidity season- frizz season!

So, think about coming in for a Keratin treatment. Set up a consultation now with Prissy or Saya. If you book for a monday it's 10% off the cost of the treatment.

*after posting this blog entry and being pretty excited about giving people in need of frizz control an answer to their prayers....
 we decided after much thought  to do some more research to look for a smoothing treatment that does not have any harsh chemicals is safer both the stylist and our clients....... stay tuned in i think we might have found what we are looking for...


  1. Umm, Did you guys ask my permission fto use this old photo of me with hair?

  2. Ohh.... :O

    same The moon .....

    in picture She or he