Monday, May 24, 2010

Sneak Peek: Fringe Salon's Summer BUST Magazine Ad

Bi-monthly we release an ad in Bust magazine showcasing our real life clients.

What's cookin' good lookin? For the new ad, our stylist Prissy had the idea to use our friends from Babycakes. Prissy provided super stylish haircuts/color to fit their creative personalities! We teamed up again with photographer Danielle St. Laurent. Babycakes is right next door to the salon and is our favorite vegan/allergy sensitive bakery! Our models from left to right are Evan Scott, a writer and BU Alumni, Lizz Hickey, an artist and SUNY Purchase grad, and Justin Natividad, a painter and Savannah College of Art and Design grad. Be sure to keep your eye open for the ad in the next issue of Bust magazine!


  1. where can i get that white minidress? i love it.

  2. so i totally made that dress! i cut it short and silk screened the red roses on it.....i guess someone else silkscreened the back...but originally that was a bueno bueno vintage dress! i love how one dress can make so many smiles all over the united states!
    brandi from bueno bueno