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October Astrology Forecast

Venus goes retrograde on October 8th!

The planet of love is also a planet of clashing values.

LIBRA (SEPT 21-OCT 21)Now that Saturn has become unstuck from Pluto and Uranus, it is moving at a pretty good clip through Libra. During the first few days of October, Saturn hangs out with the Sun, leaving you feeling kind of serious and responsible. Together with the last days of the Mars-Venus conjunction, Saturn and the Sun facilitate work getting done. But you may be feeling a bit gloomy. And besides, Venus comes to a screeching halt before it turns retrograde, so things feel unsettled and slightly weird. The new moon on the 7th is in your sign, so use it for some reflection as you prepare for 40 days of Venus retrograde. Mars and Pluto make a powerful angle on this new moon, which doesn't bode well for the world staying calm this month. Remember that Venus retrograde can be kind of delicious in that important things are revealed to you about your real desires. Meanwhile the North Lunar Node heads right into a conjunction with Pluto this month, deepening relationships in all the right ways.

SCORPIO (OCT22-NOV21) Well, well.October begins with the last days of the beautiful Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio that we've enjoyed all September. Take advantage of this sense of shared purpose and get something done! Venus goes retrograde on the 8th in your own sign. It will be an important transit for you, one in which you can learn a tremendous amount about yourself and relationships. What do you need from them? What does intimacy mean to you? Remember that as with any retrograde of a personal planet, big action is not in order - it more of a reflective period, and if you pay attention, it will be very clarifying. The last week of October will be particularly revealing for you. Mars in Scorpio squares Neptune and Chiron, and Venus makes a conjunction with Mercury and then immediately gets next to the Sun. Pay attention to your fantasies, desires, and yearnings. Something in your life will either measure up......or not.

SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22-DEC21) You have been on a roll and Jupiter and Uranus have you jumping with possibilities. Now this is a planetary combination a Sag likes! Lots of opportunity, change, travel and excitement. Meanwhile Mercury in Virgo has been driving you crazy and you feel like you're having your own personal Mercury retrograde. Well, Mercury leaves Virgo October 4th, right after making a fabulous opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. You're making great connections with people but your laptop crashes.... Be careful that you aren't working too hard and pushing yourself too much, especially during the first week of October when the Sun is conjunct Saturn. You have to have fun, and you're getting very serious. Save all the seriousness for the forty days of Venus retrograde which begins October 8th. Reflect on what is working and what is not -- in your work and relationships.

CAPRICORN (DEC21-JAN 19)The beginning of the month is intense for you because the Sun Saturn conjunction creates a certain seriousness and sense of responsibility. You are feeling a bit weighed down. Try to enjoy the last days of the Venus Mars conjunction before Venus turns around for forty days and those two planets separate. This month, Pluto and the North Lunar Node move into a nice conjunction in early degrees of Capricorn, creating the context for intimacy. And this happens while Venus retrograde brings the focus on intimacy anyway. So this should be a fruitful time for you as long as you can take advantage of the opportunity provided by Venus retrograde to allow your inner values and needs to surface. Be particularly aware and conscious during the last week of October, when desire and yearning run high.

AQUARIUS (JAN 20-FEB 19) Jupiter and Uranus continue their retrograde march, stirring things up in your life and bringing a lot of change. The beginning of the month feels serious - because it is! Saturn and Sun are conjunct, making the world feel a bit weighty. As we approach Venus going retrograde on the 8th, Venus slows almost to a standstill while Mars keeps moving. Things feel unsettled and weird. Take advantage of the new moon in Libra on the 7th to get ready for Venus retrograde. Try to use this time to reflect on your life, on what is working and what is out of sync. Try not to be so overwhelmed by what occurs politically, (you political junkie, you!) that you miss this extraordinary time to learn how to bring your life into alignment with your own internal popular values. Let your inner populace speak!

PISCES (FEB 20-MARCH19)The month begins with Mercury in Virgo opposing Jupiter and Uranus, who turned retrograde and are back in Pisces. Your feeling pressured by the Sun and Saturn but Mercury's action brings you a lot of interesting information and possibilities. Your head is exploding - or it would if you weren't so tired. In fact, you're working a ton but it is a labor of love, so it's all right. Don't forget to take care of yourself because Saturn can suppress your vital energy a bit at the start of this month. The big news for you this month, of course, is Venus going retrograde on October 8th. You have forty days of getting in touch with what you love to do. No big decisions-just let your needs and desires become very clear. By the time some instability hits at the end of October you will have the strength and clarity you need.

ARIES (MAR22-APR 20) Saturn is cruising in Libra now, after being rather stuck in place in its heavy angles to Uranus and Pluto all year. Libra is your opposite sign, and Saturn's presence in it crystallizes for you how to structure important relationships in your life. The beginning of the month, however, starts with a lot of work. Don't get too depleted and be sure to take care of yourself in the midst of it. You're feeling pressured from external commitments and yet your unconscious self is starting to make itself known through desires and passions that may not conform to the life you've built. All this becomes very evident once Venus goes retrograde on the 8th. If there are any parts of your life that are out of alignment with your deepest values, those parts will become excruciatingly clear this month. Work with it, learn from it, and do not make yourself crazy about it. Remember, Venus' lesson is one of relatedness.

TAURUS (APR20- MAY21)Oh, honey. What a month! Just get through the first week of October when you feel pressured and perhaps very weighed down. Once Venus goes retrograde on the 8th, you will have forty delicious days for your deep Taurean values to come to the surface. If there are parts of your life that are not satisfying, it will become acutely obvious. No rash decisions, please - just deep reflection and honoring of your passions and deepest creative impulses. Venus is your planet, after all, so this pass of Venus retrograde is important; it is even more important for you because it is in Scorpio, your opposite sign. Taurus and Scorpio both have to do with identifying and owning values - this is an earthy process in Taurus and a watery one in Scorpio. It's all about relationship and connection and life -affirming sensuality in both. The end of October will be unsettling and things you need to address with your deep Venusian passions will become evident.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20) The month starts with Mercury making an intense opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. You are jumping out of your skin! Take note of these fleeting notions about taking strange journeys and moving to the other side of the planet, but don't act on them.... just yet! Venus is about to go retrograde on the 8th and so the week leading up to it is a bit strange. The Sun and Saturn make you a bit depressed, and Venus slowing to a standstill gives you a sense of expectation. Really work with Venus retrograde once it begins. Really. It will help clarify what it is you really want in your life. Parts of your life that are out of whack will become painfully obvious. I know, that doesn't sound great, but it is. This is a time when you get to connect with your deepest passions. Let 'em rip!

CANCER (JUN21-JUL20) Saturn in Libra is stirring up a lot of issues for you about partnerships and boundaries, espcially the first week of October, when Saturn and the Sun get join forces to make you very committed to your Cancerian defenses. feeling a bit threatened, are you? Or perhaps just a bit sad. Let yourself be nurtured by the new moon in Libra on the 7th, and then allow Venus retrograde in Scorpio to help you identify your core values about relationships and what you want from them. This should be a very fruitful month for you emotionally if you can Venus do its work!

LEO (JUL21-AUG 20)The first week of October will make you cranky if you have the time to think about it --which you won't, because Mercury opposes Jupiter and Uranus and you may find yourself in some grand adventure of mind, body or spirit. Then Venus goes retrograde, and in Scorpio, no less, which has a strong connection to Leo. You will be challenged during this period - you will have to stretch in order to identify your values and take a stand on them. It is a time for reflection, for seeing your life up against someone else's version of a life, and it could be unsettling as hell but very rich. Go with your passions; allow your creativity to take up space. The end of October will bring some instability to the world and perhaps to your life, and you will have an acute sense of needing to march to the beat of a different drummer.

VIRGO (AUG 21-SEPT20)The beginning of the month is stressful and you find yourself under some pressure. Things also feel weird as Venus gets ready to go retrograde and is nearly at a standstill. You are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Staring on October 8th, you have forty days in which you get to really focus on your deep values. It is not a time of action but of reflection, especially about intimacy and relationships. What is working? What isn't? What do you really need and want. Venus is essentially about relatedness, and in this retrograde stretch it is in the sign Scorpio, raising issues of intimacy and power. This is a great opportunity to get clear about the relationships you're in. Don't be alarmed by any instability in situations at the end of the month - that is when you will get very clear!

Venus will be retrograde from Oct 8th til Nov 18th.
And in Scorpio, no less!

Personally, I like Venus retrograde. It is a time of reflection in which we sense the congruence or lack thereof between our core values and those of society.
Let that creative tension rip, I say!

But Venus is a complex symbol, and so its retrograde pass is significant personally as well as politically. Venus
is said to "rule" two signs -- Taurus and Libra. The Taurean Venus is about earthiness and instinctual values, whereas its Libran manifestation has a bit more to so with esthetics and social norms.

When it goes retrograde the more hidden or unconscious aspects of Venus rise to the surface.

Perhaps that's why the Mayans thought of Venus retrograde as a time to prepare for war.

mayan venus

As Venus moves retrograde, it comes into alignment with the Sun on October 29 and 30th. Global situations will become very unstable during the week following.

The week after the Venus retrograde conjunction to the Sun is known astrologically as a time of political tumult. It will have a major impact on the US midterm elections -- I hate to say it.Interestingly, Venus was also retrograde in Scorpio during the 2002 midterm elections when the Republicans took control of the Senate and the House. Then the "War on Terror" was a big topic, and the party of George Bush prevailed.

Now, eight years later, we have Republicans waging a war
of terror on everyone who doesn't look or think like them. Maybe Venus retrograde will bring their comeuppance -- this astrologer certainly hopes so....

Venus begins its retrograde pass as it makes a square to President Obama's Sun. He does a like a good fight and so Venus retrograde may help him come out swinging. And keep your eyes on places around the world where diplomatic efforts could break through or break down...

Wondering why the last few days have felt so explosive and weird? The Sun is conjunct Saturn and squared the North Lunar Node, and they are all still close enough to Pluto to drag in some of its effect. The last days of September and the first few of October will be chunky and tense. However, it's a good time for getting work done. Venus and Mars -- which have been conjunct for over a month -- will only have one more week being such a sweet little bundle. Take advantage of it!

Having said that, during this first week of October when Venus slows down to almost a standstill, we all have a sense of expectation, a sense of something about to happen.


But have I actually said anything very good about Venus, have I?

Okay, okay! Use this forty-day period to reflect on what is really important to you. Be aware that you may feel out of sync, as feelings surface about what you really want and how you may not be getting it. This is a really good time to work on relationships. It is a really good time to develop clarity about your life, about what you really want.

And that's good, right?

Happy Halloween!

BabyCatt wants to remind you that around Halloween, the veil between the worlds is very thin.... So attend to those ancestors!

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