Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fringe Art Opening Thursday Dec. 15th

Life "Aaj Kal" (Life, these days) ©Sunita Jariwala-Gajjar

We are very excited to announce our art opening for the talented Sunita Jariwala-Gajjar. Sunita's mixed media works are a way for her to show viewers a place or moment which was special to her during many journeys:

"Each Earthscape represents a different part of my personal journey that I want to communicate to you. Some may transport you to a particular destination or tell a story about a place. Others represent feelings I experienced along the way. Whatever the inspiration or moment I'm capturing, the end result is intended to be the same: a new artistic expression that archives, transforms and celebrates my physical journey in a provocative and unexpected way." -Sunita Jariwala-Gajjar

Please stop by Thursday, December 15th, at 8pm to check out Sunitas amazing work!!
Click here to see some more of Sunita's work.

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