Monday, April 16, 2012

Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber Sexy Women

Photo by: Maro Hagopian

Last week, Autostraddle posted the article Queer Girl City Guide: Manhattan is the New Manhattan, and in it was our very own Jenn!! The article has lots a of great go-to places for the lesbian persuasion, including where to get your hair Fringe. With Jenn.

Interviewed for the article, Jenn states, "I have a lot of short haired clients who are queer and come to me looking for something that is not feminine. I try and give them a haircut that makes them comfortable with themselves - makes them happy. A lot of my queer clients go to that extreme and want to shave, texture, keep a tail, [or] wear a mullet. And they wear it better than my male clients. It's their individuality that makes the hair, not their sexuality."

Stop by or call to book your next appointment with Jenn!!

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