Saturday, October 24, 2009

CMJ Music Marathon and Film Fest, October 20-24th

As the wife of an "indie" music producer, I have suffered, and I mean suffered through countless ear ringing, whining, droning, and might I add boring, shows.

The annual CMJ music fest usually means earplugs and lots of fake smiling for me. Happily, this past Thursday night I enjoyed a unique trifecta of a band I love, Hollerado, playing at my favorite neighborhood bar, and an ardent "shout-out" for the 9th anniversary Gus and I were celebrating that night.

This Up-beat, sing-a-long show on Thursday at Union Pool was the kick off for their "Half World Tour" for dates and info click here. Think Weezer, meets Bloom County with 4 part harmonies

Check out their video for American Arama on Utube featuring Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) as notorious sleeze ball Dov Charney. Keep an eye out for their upcoming second video starring Margot Kidder (the original, and best, Lois Lane) as the well loved and well lived Juliette. This video also has cameos of my beloved niece and nephew, Emily Anne and Christian.

Hollerado will do some dates with another band we love, Gus' and my new favorite band The Arkells. The best The Band influenced band since The Band! Check it out!

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