Monday, February 8, 2010

Price $100

Our good friend Toby Cayouette, is not only part of the hottest francophone band from Montreal(China Town) and Host/Founder/DJ of one of Montreal's most successful parties ("The Mod Club"). He is also a brilliant photographer!

While he was here in 08 recording with Gus, he traveled all over our great city and captured some truly unique NYC landscapes that blew us away!

Last week Gus and I hopped over to the south side of Willy B for a small prints show at K&K. 16 emerging photographers from N.Y., S.F, L.A. and Toby from Montreal are showing 5 unframed prints each. Original and interesting pieces of art all available for only $100 (the price of a haircut;) through March 22nd.

Toby's scenes from the very north of Canada are on display here at the this tiny gallery that was packed to the point of overflow on opening night. It was difficult to get a good look at everyones stuff but local, nyc based, Elizabeth Weinberg's collection grabbed my attention as well.

Take a "date night" stroll through the show before heading over to Dressler, Marlow and Sons, Peter Luger or Diner for dinner. Gallery open Fri-Mon, 12-6pm.

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