Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak Peak: Our New Bust Magazine Ad

Each month we release an ad in Bust magazine showcasing our real life clients.

Being a huge fan of the gorgeous shots by Amy's b.f.f. Danielle St. Laurent long before I joined the Fringe team, I was psyched when Amy asked if she could use my b.f.f and long time client Jill Flint, along with her handsome husband, visual artist Drew Conrad as the subjects of our next shoot.

We all got together on a sunny Sunday at Jill and Drew's apartment in the L.E.S. We had fun and mimosas while shooting the happy couple in their happy home. Sometimes, their bird Franklin got in the mix as well!

Being an actress (Royal Pains, Mercy, Nurse Jackie), Jill's hair goes through ALOT! Shortly after I joined Fringe I had to turn her silky dark brown locks to a youthful, natural looking blonde for 1 day of shooting the opening scenes of Capital Records and then turn it back to brown the next day!!

Now we keep her hair healthy with gentle products from Pureology and Kevin Murphy in addition to lots and lots of love.

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