Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ubuntu Rocks the Brooklyn Bowl!!!

Africans speak of Ubuntu"...what it means to be truly human, to know that you are bound up with others in the bundle of life, for a person is only a person through other people..."

Monday, Gus and I joined some long time friends to raise funds for and awareness of the Ubuntu Education Fund.

Brooklyn Bowl put up the bowling, fried chicken and freshly shucked oyster bar. My friends Danny and Bobby of Where Brooklyn At? provided the T-shirts, I donated some services and products for the raffle and most of the cast of the Lion King sold tickets and hussled for the almost 500 people who came out to support this fantastic program.

A grass roots organization started by a passionate American education student and a teacher in one of South Africa's poorest communities, to improve the education system and reach out to the 40% of the population affected by H.I.V/A.I.D.S in their area, many of these, very young girls that have been orphaned and/or raped.

Since 1998 they have grown from a two man army to a dedicated staff of 50 who recently opened a state of the art education center in the Eastern Cape Province. They help an average of 40,000 people and achieved there first generation of students to go on to University!!

How can you help?? It's easy, just sponsor one of the people walking in the Aids Walk in NYC on April 16th. Click here to pick anyone on the team to donate as little or as much as you can to help!!!

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