Thursday, April 15, 2010


On your next visit to Fringe you can check out the work of our current artist-
JULIE WOLF is an artist who has been living and working in Brooklyn since the early eighties when she graduated from Pratt Institute.  Working in the photographic and film industries for a living up until 2005, she still considered painting her great passion and her favorite medium to express herself. 

Her latest work was inspired by trips to Vienna (Austria), the city of waltzes. There she found antique “Walzen”, which are structured paint rollers that were used instead of wallpaper in the 60’s, 50’s and earlier. Incidentally, the word “walzen” as a verb also means to dance the waltz. So, creating a body of work inspired by, and with the help of “waltzes” and “walzen” became a fun project wherein Julie combines brushes, fingers and walzen to create multi-layered and very textural pieces. Their Old World charm and warm colors suggest a different epoch, and while some can come across to the viewer as quirky and humorous, others are perfectly decorative in their stillness and calm. 

This part of Julie’s work has been shown at Barney’s New York, a one-woman show at 411 Smith Street, at Refinery on Smith St, and at CafĂ© Steinhof in Park Slope, and several pieces have found their way into private collections in Vienna, Chicago, Austin, New York and L.A.


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