Thursday, December 2, 2010

WINK WINK PONY opening reception Thurs, Dec 9th at 8pm

Come sip cocktails, eat lollipops, and check out our new art, Thursday, Dec 9th at 8pm!


I believe we are all born as artists.


Wink Wink Pony was born in a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn and is the brainchild of Georgia native Reba Massey. It is a collection of characters dubbed "GENERATION @" inspired by today's text savvy, blog happy, web crawling youth culture.
A world where creators, activists, fashionistas, & wanna bees all live together on LOLLIPOP HILL. RoseMary MilkShake, Charlie CoCoButter Bean, and KeKe Couture are just a few of the characters you're sure to fall in love with and bring a smile to your face.

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