Tuesday, December 21, 2010

december's astrology forecast -- better late than never!

Your astrologer apologizes profusely for being late with this month's column. Mercury is retrograde! What can I say? --- I had technical difficulties.... I promise to have January's column up on time.

SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22-DEC21) The month begins with a gorgeous square of Mars to Jupiter and Uranus. Fun times in River City -- lots of exciting work and play. This combination is in effect for the new moon in Sag on December 5th, so the next two weeks will be excellent for fruitful activity and innovation. You will be busy and slightly crazed. Uranus is likely to bring us more surprising political events in combination with Mars, so you will have a lot to keep track of and opine about. Keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde in early Capricorn on the 10th, edging back into late Sagittarius on the 18th. In fact, from the 18th til the 25th, Mercury makes a square to Uranus and Jupiter, and the full moon in Gemini and lunar eclipse happens on the 21st... Ooh la la. Expect big world events and very confusing communication. Talk about misunderstandings. Try not to be too reactive when people aggravate you --- everyone's mean streak may be a bit evident that week. How un-holiday-spirit-ish.

CAPRICORN (DEC21-JAN 19) Very interesting. There is a lot going on this month for you personally as well as for the whole planet. The new moon on December 5th brings us a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in early degrees of Capricorn plus a dynamic Mars square of Jupiter and Uranus. You'll be thinking very deeply about innovative and astounding ideas. Mercury and Pluto bring tremendous focus and also the temptation to engage in extremely paranoid thinking. (Not you!) Mars enters your own sign on the 8th and so you will feel a bit less crazed and a bit more productive. Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th for 3 weeks and for the first week it's retrograde in Capricorn. It will slide back past Pluto and then into Sag where it squares Jupiter and Uranus in time for the full moon in Gemini. Watch your words and take all information you receive with a big fat grain of retrograde salt.

AQUARIUS (JAN 20-FEB 19) Uranus, your ruling planet, goes direct after a long stretch of retrograde on the 5th, the day of a new moon. Things will start jumping in your life and in the world, especially since Mars will be squaring Uranus and Jupiter during the first week of December. You should feel a release and a sense of movement in some ideas and projects that have been difficult to bring into fruition. Then, just to bug you, Mercury goes retrograde on December 10th, first in Capricorn and then moving back into Sagittarius where it squares Jupiter and Uranus. (Keep in mind the recent release by Wikileaks occurred when Mercury squared those two planets...) So communication is going to be c-raz-y, especially in the week before Christmas. And yes, I'd expect travel plans to go haywire and your laptop to crash.

PISCES (FEB 20-MARCH19) I know, you just want to chill out and cozy up to your fireplace without a care in the world. Well I hate to say it, but the world is full of cares right now, and Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, the new moon on the 5th, the lunar eclipse and full moon on the 21st all conspire to make the pace of world events fast and furious and to make you slightly nuts. Oh, and did I mention Mercury retrograde? Yes, that too. You remember the drill -- it's dreamtime for the mind, so forget about plans and linear communication. This will be in effect from December 10th til 29th. Those carefully made holiday travel plans? Let's see!

ARIES (MAR22-APR 20) Things are hopping in your life: Mars in Sag is squaring Jupiter and Uranus, creating a lot of exciting possibilities and changes. Once Uranus goes direct on the 5th - coinciding with the new moon -- you'll sense a welcome release of pent up energies and plans. Then Mars enters Capricorn and quickly catches up to Pluto, while Mercury also enters Capricorn, going retrograde on the 10th and piling onto the Mars-Pluto conjunction. Although this could be a formula for bellicosity, for you it is an opportunity for building and for getting huge amounts of work done if you can channel this immense force into productivity. But all month long communication will be a thorny issue, between Mercury retrograde and the full moon on the 21st which is in the last degree of Gemini. Watch your words and watch out for misinterpreting others.

TAURUS (APR20- MAY21) This is not the easiest month for you. You have come out of the Venus retrograde period with some clarity about what you want and how to get there, and now along come Mars and Uranus and Jupiter throwing your plans up in the air. And then there is Mercury retrograde starting on December 10th. Talk about needing to go with the flow - that is essential for you this month. There is a lot of big-scale change occurring in the world and so you have to maintain flexibility right now. It's possible to get a great deal of work done between the 11th and 17th as long as you can move really intuitively. Communication is central for the second half of the month and try to be calm and centered in the midst of massive misunderstandings. It isn't personal!

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20) The Sagittarian energy continues this month. Use the fabulous New Moon in sag on the 5th to ground your vision for what you want fulfillment to look like. Then let Uranus' turn from retrograde to direct release some pent up energy so you can see movement in parts of your life that have felt stuck. Take care of loose ends before Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th. It starts its retrograde pass in Capricorn and by the 18th moves back into Sagittarius, where it will drive you crazy if you are unable to go with the flow of it. Don't be distressed if your holiday travel plans change completely. Follow your intuition and don't fight the changes, especially around the full moon in Gemini on the 21st. Be aware of everyone's propensity for miscommunication during this period.

CANCER (JUN21-JUL20) December feels exciting and a bit stressful -- Mars and Uranus and Jupiter open up a lot of possibilities the first week of the month. Use the new moon on the 5th to envision some new directions for yourself. Then the hard work sets in when Mars enters Capricorn on the 8th and quickly joins up with Pluto to make you an organizing powerhouse. Avoid power struggles, though, especially once Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th. Remember that during Mercury retrograde you can't make big decisions but only go with the flow of what you're seeing emerge. The potential for personal misunderstandings is huge, and make sure you are not triggered needlessly by what people say to you.

LEO (JUL21-AUG 20) The Mars square of Uranus and Jupiter releases of lot of energy during the first week of December. Use the new moon in Sag on the 5th to try to harness the possibilities, because once Mars enters Capricorn on the 8th you'll have the opportunity to set some goals and accomplish them with great gusto. That is, as long as you are not undone by Mercury going retrograde on the 10th when it interrupts your great Mercury Pluto focus. Just go with it -- god knows, you can't do anything else. Be aware that this Mercury retrograde is rife with the potential for mishandling information, especially around the full moon on the 21st. Watch what you say and try not to overreact to what others say: it's a global condition!

VIRGO (AUG 21-SEPT20) You will be full of plans and action and then, bam! Mercury retrograde throws you for a loop. You have to just go with it -- it begins on December 10th, and you'll be annoyed at having your concentration interrupted. But go with it and use it for creative inspiration. Be aware that information is a hot commodity this month -- what people know and don't know will be an issue. If people have entrusted you with confidences, make sure you're handling them well and respectfully. Expect your travel plans to be subject to all kinds of changes, especially bad weather around the 21st. Use the Mars Saturn square at the end of the month to get some very nudge-y work done.

LIBRA (SEPT 21-OCT 21) This is am intense month and you should just stay home. You'll be tempted at the beginning of the month to go on some trip or do something unplanned, but honey, stay put. The influences are just too changeable and slightly crazy. You would do better staying home and thinking about them rather than directly engaging. Keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde on December 10th, so whatever people thought they were doing they won't be doing anyway. This Mercury retrograde is a good time for you to go on a silent retreat or something and just stay away from speech all together. The potential for misunderstanding is just too great. But -- you can get great work done between the 11th and 17th and also at the end of the month when Mars squares Saturn.

SCORPIO (OCT22-NOV21) Uranus turns direct on the 5th on the new moon in Sagittarius. Put your thinking cap on and make some plans! Hatch some ideas! Consider what you really want to be doing with your life. Just don;t be too attached to meeting those goals this month, because for all your Mars in Capricorn get-it-done desires, Mercury retrograde will change up everything. So just go with the flow. Be aware around the full moon in Gemini on the 21st that people have no control whatsoever over what they say and how they say it -- you included. there will be a clash between all that linear Gemini-ness and the non-linear Mercury retrograde in Sag. Do not engage.

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