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January Astrology Forecast

Happy New Year!
2011 brings us the start of a 7 year Uranus-Pluto square.
No, that's not a typo! Seven years of change!

The year starts off on January 4th with a solar eclipse on the new moon in Capricorn.
This is a fascinating eclipse -- even if it isn't visible in North America -- because it interacts with the chart of the US in a very big way. The eclipsing Sun and Moon make an exact opposition to the 13-degrees-of-Cancer US Sun....And, the Sun and Moon make major angles to Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.

This eclipse is about work and the lack of it. By that I mean unemployment. Unfortunately there is likely to be another round of reports about increasing joblessness. (The economic situation doesn't improve until after the Jupiter-Saturn square in April. ) In addition, the planetary configuration on the eclipse indicates a kind of standstill... Hmmm, that could mean the US Congress and its penchant for gridlock.

Yet the planets in play do signify real roll-up-your-sleeves hard work, so it is a great time to focus on goals for the year, as long as we can live with the fact that things appear to be utterly stuck.

But how about some good news?

Even though the last time Uranus and Pluto were squared in cardinal signs was between 1929 and 1933, do not despair! This combination is about change, first and foremost. Uranus enters Aries in March, making a square to Pluto pretty much on and off through 2018.

I know, how can a girl wrap her brain around this? For starters, our brains will be very much at issue once Jupiter enters Aries on January 22. For the next couple of months, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct in and around the very beginning of Aries. Aries has to do with the head and the brain, and Jupiter in that sign signifies an expansion of our thinking about .... our thinking. With Uranus in the picture expect breakthroughs about autism, alzheimers, brain injury, etc.

But about that good news....

2011 looks a lot better than 2010 and 2009, even with the Uranus-Pluto action. For example, apart from Mercury, there will be no retrograde passes of a personal planet.

Keep in mind that Saturn and Jupiter are both cruising ahead and away from the clutches of Pluto, and even their opposition in April isn't a bad thing at all. Personally, I like Saturn and Jupiter together -- they have a certain groundedness together and they balance out each other's unpleasant tendencies. As for Uranus and Pluto -- expect the unexpected, personally and globally.

However...Uranus in Aries may indeed fan the flames of individualism and so we may see the Tea Party's lunacy gain strength at least while Jupiter is also in Aries. (Thank god, Jupiter enters Taurus in June....)

There is repression with Uranus and Pluto but also revolution.... These combinations bode ill for immigration rights in the US unless we can harness the potential for effective community organizing that is indicated by Uranus and Pluto. don;t mourn organize

Mostly Uranus and Pluto have to do with cracks and fissures. Things will break open under this transit. Some of it will be revelatory and positive and some of it will be destructive. The core essence of things will become visible. That probably includes seeing plenty of lava flow.

We'll have seven years to figure it out!

Your January Forecast...

CAPRICORN (DEC21-JAN 19) Well, having the new moon in Capricorn kick off the month -- not to mention the year -- is a fabulous beginning. You must take advantage of the new moon and its relationship to Mars, Saturn, and Pluto to do some very Capricorn-like planning. Seriously. Get down to business. Just try not to be frustrated by a certain stuckness, a sense that people don't want to move. They are moving -- you just can't see it. In fact, your expectations of people are not quite reasonable during the first week of January. Please try to avoid feeling stressed out -- you can drop that "weight of the world is on my shoulders" thing you do so well. This is actually a very potent time for you because you have the ability to plant the seeds of some new projects and ideas. Jupiter crosses into Aries on the 22nd, and at that point you will experience the sense of movement you have sought all month...

AQUARIUS (JAN 20-FEB 19) The month begins with a Capricorn new moon which is all about nuts and bolts and getting down to business but Venus in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius. So while you should be filing or organizing your tax records you're distracted by romantic yearnings. The thing to do is harness your wants and desires and vision with the help of that new moon. Remember that Capricorn isn't all business -- it has a lot of sensuality too. Mars enters Aquarius on the 16th, followed by the Sun on the 20th. For a few days afterwards a Sun-Mars conjunction makes you energetic but a bit physically vulnerable. Especially with Jupiter entering Aries on the 22nd, you might overdo it at the gym, so be careful. Follow your intuition about setting limits.
PISCES (FEB 20-MARCH 19) You have big plans for work during January but during the first week, all you have to do is think, not act. It will be hard to get anything done except planning, and don't put pressure on yourself about working. Planning is work, for god's sake. You need to use the new moon on the 4th to focus and plan, but also allow yourself to rest and recuperate. Feed your senses at the beginning of the month, and use the Venus Neptune square to dream a bit. Jupiter enters Aries on the 22nd, and with that comes plenty of movement, so enjoy the stuckness of the first couple of weeks of the month. In fact, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct all month, so there is a tremendous sense of possibility, potential, and surprise happening in your life.
ARIES (MAR22-APR 20) Get ready: Jupiter is coming! It spends the month speeding up in the last degrees of Pisces, overtaking Uranus, and then on the 22nd, it enters Aries where it stays til June. I urge you to try to stay still during the first two weeks of January, because once Jupiter enters your own sign you won't feel like being still. The new moon in Capricorn on the 4th is excellent for planning and for envisioning your goals. I know this new moon sounds all concrete and Mars-Saturn-y but there is a powerful square of Venus and Neptune also happening. Keep one foot in your spiritual and artistic inspiration and the other in the material world. Remember, Jupiter can bring a poignant sense of completion: stay as grounded as possible to be able to experience its breadth.

TAURUS (APR20- MAY 21) Only a Taurus can really revel in the peculiar delights January has on offer. First, there is the new moon in Capricorn on the 4th so put your planning hat on and get to work. But it is not all business -- Venus and Neptune are squared at the same time so you have to attend to your creative self too. This is a powerful lunation for inspiration, vision, and planning so you must use it. Stay in your bathrobe until Jupiter enters Aries on the 22nd and you feel better able to deal with the world; at the same time Mars and the Sun make you very effective at your work. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct this month, bringing many opportunities your way. Be sure to stay open to them.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN 20) This is an interesting month for you. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct this month, and then Jupiter overtakes Uranus and crosses the cardinal axis on the 22nd. That sense of excitement and potential is back, and man oh man are you relieved. Use the Capricorn new moon on the 4th to focus, to make plans, to envision concrete changes in your life. Venus and Neptune are squared during this new moon so let your dreams fly. Try not to feel pressured and stressed during the first week of January when it feels as though everybody gets all task-oriented and serious. When Jupiter enters Aries on the 22nd you will feel some movement in your life.

CANCER (JUN21-JUL 20) The new moon in Capricorn on the 4th is powerful for you -- jeez, there is so much cardinal energy flying about! Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mars, and the North Lunar Node are all in Capricorn, and Saturn is in Libra. On January 22nd, Jupiter enters Aries. All this cardinal energy makes this a very intense month for you, and then on the 19th there is a full moon in the last moments of Cancer. Yow! It is imperative that you use the new moon on the 4th to ground yourself and focus on your plans and vision for the month. Work demands and family pressures are likely to be piling up and you are feeling stressed. Know that Jupiter and Uranus are changing the landscape even as you're just beginning to see it, so don't be attached to outcome during this period.

LEO (JUL21-AUG 20) The month starts off with a powerful new moon in Capricorn which in addition to emphasizing hard work and planning also heightens your creative vision. So make sure that when you're spending time on changing curtain rods that you also spend time envisioning your creative projects. You'll pay later if you give your creative self short shrift! Having said that, it is a great time for making concrete plans and setting goals. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct this month, giving your life a pleasant sense of serendipity. Watch your physical energy around the 22-25th when a Sun-Mars conjunction in your opposite sign could inspire you to overdo it at the gym....

VIRGO (AUG 21-SEPT 20) The new moon in Capricorn on the 4th brings the capacity for tremendous focus and generation of plans and ideas. Go for it! It is an extraordinary lunation with a pigpile of planets in Capricorn -- this earthy sign complements your own ability to be most at home dealing with the real world. Yet Venus squares Neptune in this new moon, so you cannot lose sight of your vision and your desire for things to have greater meaning. What makes this new moon so powerful, actually, is the combination of the concrete with the transcendant. Trust your dreams right now, and let them unfold throughout the rest of the month. Try to just be still for the first couple of weeks of January -- there will be plenty of work and demands on you the second half of the month.
LIBRA (SEPT 21-OCT 21) I know I said that December was intense for you but January is intense in a different way. Last month, you could sit it out, but this month, it's all about you. First, let's talk about this new moon in Capricorn on the 4th. It's a fabulous new moon with all kinds of planets in Capricorn making a helluva angle to Saturn in Libra. You've got to get to work -- the pressure is on. What you need to do,however, is make plans, envision your goals, pray on them, sing to them, dance to them, and then let the work unfold. Do not get stressed out by that big huge Saturn Sun square the first week of the month. You have to trust this new moon to do its work for you, and then Jupiter will help too by mid month.... It's all about trust.
SCORPIO (OCT22-NOV21) This is a very interesting month for you. The Capricorn new moon on the 4th is intense and very productive. Use it to focus your desires, vision, and goals. Venus is at the end of your own sign and squares Neptune in this new moon, so you have to keep your dreams and yearnings in the forefront. Don't fall for the "it's all work and no play" thing that people often mistake about Capricorn energy. Capricorn, after all, is some of the earthiest energy in the zodiac, and earth means material reality -- our bodies, our homes, our earth. Enjoy all these things and revel in the splendor of life itself. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct and bringing plenty of serendipity your way. Enjoy them as well.
SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22-DEC 21) This is an intense and slightly crazy month. You have to learn patience -- not easy for you, I know. On the one hand, here is this beautiful new moon in Capricorn on the 4th, bringing you the capacity for some real planning and realistic envisioning. On the other, Jupiter and Uranus are in a close conjunction and you're revved up and on the edge of your seat, awaiting surprise and serendipity. Jupiter enters Aries on the 22nd and don't let all that fire go to your head. You won't be able to help yourself, though - you'll be galloping off to all kinds of wild destinations, mentally and actually. So your job is to use that new moon to ground yourself and do some very good but very visionary planning so you have a structure in place when the Jupiter thing hits.

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