Friday, January 7, 2011

marcie paper

come by the salon on thursday, january 13th at 8pm to check out our latest artist. marcie paper will be showing her collection of small (and affordable) paintings, and we'll provide wine and beer.

artist statement...

With the goal of preservation and increased understanding I collect, abstract, paint and layer the details and minutia of my daily life over periods of time. Attempting to preserve my short-term memories in tandem and not necessarily in chronological sequence, I am operating with the assertion that short-term memories find their importance in the whole rather than in the sum of its parts.

Eight years ago we were told that my father had an undiagnosable brain disorder and he was no longer able to retain short-term memories. My interest in memory derives from the unanswered questions I was left with.

When do our daily experiences transform into our recollections of the past?

How much of our long-term memory is a sum of small insignificant events?

Is this whole greater then the sum of its parts?

How do short and long term memory influence each other?

If short-term memory is lost, is it only a matter of time before we loose our long-term memory?

And ultimately, what is the impact of memory on our concept of our selves and our placement within the world.

What began as an investigation into the properties of short-term memory has grown to include experimentation through visual sense memories. I believe that sense-memories and nostalgic responses (more closely related to short-term memory as opposed to long-term memory) generate a different view of our personal histories. While less reliable, less responsible, more fleeting and more subjective they are also more precious.

I am interested in supplanting more of these moments, creating a trail that is less tangible and more precious. By embedding paintings with genuine nuance, paying attention to the specific details that may have been lost otherwise I am in a way burying time capsules to find later in the form of visual sense memory experiences.

you can see more of her work here:

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